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In order to provide better, faster and more attentive services to hospitals and clinicians, Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH Germany has set up the Joint Venture Company Koehler Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Ltd.  in China. The new company will centrally manage and operate the business of CUSTODIOL for cardiac- and transplant surgery in the Chinese market. CUSTODIOL is worldwide used and known as the original Bretschneider® HTK-solution. Furthermore, Koehler Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Ltd. will conduct further research on myocardial protection and organ preservation together with clinical experts in China.

Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH’s mission is the promotion of medical science and research. In addition to pharmaceuticals for cardiac surgery and multi organ transplantation Koehler Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Ltd. will introduce further outstanding products for intensive care medicine into the Chinese market.

Shareholders in the new Joint Venture in China are the long-term distributor of CUSTODIOL for organ transplantation, Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and the Beijing subsidiary of German based service company Melchers Group.

Dr. Gernot Koehler and Mrs. Frauke Weiss, both co-CEO of Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH Germany, say: “We are excited about the launch of Koehler Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Ltd. as it signifies the continued growth of Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH in the Chinese market and contributes to a closer relationship with our customers. Our premium product CUSTODIOL is the gold standard as cardioplegic- and organ protective solution in thoracic surgery and organ transplantation and used in more than 90 countries worldwide. We are looking forward to the intense collaboration with Chinese medical experts for the development of our products and to support Chinese patient’s health. “We are at your service” is our mission.”

Mrs. May Li Xiaomei, founder and Managing Director of Cicel (Beijing) adds: “We are sure that CUSTODIOL and further products have a bright future in China, as we will be able to substantially contribute to the growth of the medical sector in China. We are very much looking forward to the continuation of our fruitful cooperation with Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH through the Joint Venture in an even more successful way.”


About Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH, Germany

Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH is a pharmaceutical company with a long history. Founded in 1959 by Dr. Franz Josef Koehler, the company is specialized in organ preservation solutions, therapeutics for intensive care medicine, antidotes and x-ray contrast agents. On this foundation, Dr. Gernot Koehler has grown the organization into an innovative and research driven pharmaceutical company with a global presence. All products are manufactured in Germany under high ethical standards according to GCP and GMP requirements.


About Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China

Cicel (Beijing) has been developing for more than 10 years in Chinese medical field. Since its establishment, it has been committed to bringing advanced technologies into China. With “Technology advances medicine” as its mission, they aim to persistently provide more efficient, more convenient, and much safer clinical medical solutions to surgeons, to ultimately benefit patients.


About Melchers Group, Germany

Melchers Group is a distribution partner and service group based in Bremen, Germany with a presence in China for 155 years. Besides China, Melchers is active throughout Asia with 25 offices. Melchers (Beijing) Ltd. will take over specific roles in the Joint Venture. Melchers Raffel Ltd., Hong Kong, the advisory team of Melchers Group, is also one of the Joint Venture shareholders.


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